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The Start of Your Incredible Adventure

Dreaming of a getaway? Let me make the arrangements for you. Travel is my absolute passion and I have been lucky enough to travel to some of the best destinations in the world. I have seen more than half of the United States, a few spots in Mexico, Africa, Thailand, Vietnam, Bali, Switzerland, France, Germany and several tropical islands.


My travels started back to when I was a small kid. Sure, my adventures were down dirt roads Into the deep woods filled with creeks, turtles, mosquitoes, and the southern humidity, but it was nonetheless an adventure!  I have always wanted to go outside my comfort zone and see what the world has to offer...It's in my blood! Once I was able to travel, I wasn't able to sit still. Being from a small town in SC might have something to do with it or all the National Geographic I watched with my Dad. 

As, I got older, I was the friend that planned the Spring breaks, Senior week, and college trips to Europe. Planning a trip just comes second nature to me. Every vacation should be easy and fun to plan, so let me help you out!

With my established industry connections, I can offer unique travel promotions that you just can’t find anywhere else. Contact me today for a free consultation. I'm here to make your experience as seamless and relaxing as possible




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Why Use a Travel Agent?

Want to find a Safari with tent camping in Africa and do it on your own? It’s simple. Just type “Safari tent camping” into Google, then wade through the four and a half million responses - most of which look the same, whether they are good or bad, legit or bogus. Spend just 10 seconds each vetting sites, and you’ll be done in a year and a half - and still will not have found your Shangri-La.


Good luck with that - or even with much simpler planning, like searches for “straightforward” airfares. The major search sites routinely leave out flights (lots of them) and even entire airlines. A lot of the flights they do show are ones you don’t want, starting with “basic economy” fares that hit you with tons of restrictions and fees, so the price you see isn’t the one you end up paying, along with connections way too short or way too long, ones that no responsible travel agent would let you book.

Travel agents are even more important to luxury travelers, who ironically often think they know a lot about travel and rely on their own misguided sense of expertise. But while a good agent is so vital that it is simply foolish to plan a high-end trip on your own without one, they can also help travelers of all budgets.

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Places I Have Been

Click the button for an interactive map to see the many travel adventures I have had.  I am happy to assist you with your dream vacation, whether that is an African Safari, Paris, or the beaches of Thailand.   Let me put my experience to work for you!


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